Freitag, 4. März 2011

Wearing Hijab as a non muslim women?

What do you think?

Can a young non-muslim women wear a headscarf / hijab with long covering skirts and shirts like muslim women do?

I wear Hijab since a few years now - in my opinion it looks very beautiful and nice on me and i like the feeling of covering my body allover except hands and face. I like the modesty look of that fashion and i like it that everyone in puplic sees me, but no one can see how i really look in full. That is the only right of my partner and some good friends are allowed to see me without hijab - it is my body and my head so isn't it my right to choose who can look at it.

I think it is good for me to wear hijab - guys don't look at my legs or breasts and i don't have to think about, that i was attracted to one or maybe aroused some guys. And i like the modestity of that fashion look, it covers my head and i don't have to take part in that daily beauty competition like other women do,...

And in fact at home and in most parts of my daily life i try to live and act like a muslim women does and try to follow their rules and traditions, because i like it - the role and position of the muslim woman in society reflects perfect, how i see myself as a women.

But i never thought about converting to Islam and i never will do, cause i'm not that religious....

But is it allowed for a non muslim woman like me, to wear hijab and dress like muslim women do?

Thanks for your answers

Best Regards Amirah
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